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Material Handling

As the experts in materials handling, we have industrial supplies to keep your business operating at peak efficiency.  We serve businesses, large and small, with a huge selection of storage, organizational, and office solutions, with fast and accurate delivery at the right price.

For all the things you need to get the job done, we are your solutions partner.

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An innovative approach to maximize storage in less space.  As a trusted dealer, we can optimize your space with Storganizer’s custom vertical cube system.  Use your existing shelving, or we can provide the right solution for your needs.  Storganizer creates quicker picking and greater space savings designed around your facility and workflow.   

Often the bottom layer of warehouses are underutilized. Storeganizer fills those empty spaces with high density storage space for high moving low bulk products that are more difficult to fulfill with a traditional palette racking system. Storeganizer solutions have helped businesses around the world reduce hand picker travel times by 42%, and on average reduced needed storage space by 38%. These reductions allow for your employees to be more efficient and allow you to store more product in your warehouses allowing you to do more with less.  

Material Handling Case Studies

With over 20 years serving the material handling needs of Midwest companies we have included examples of how we have helped customers improve efficiency, increase employee morale, and increase companies overall productivity. The following case studies will demonstrate our ability to provide one – one expertise to help your business flourish, become more productive, efficient, and effective.